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Gallery of Photojournalistic Wedding Photography That Tells the Story of Your Dallas Wedding

Below represents just a small sampling from my 14-year career and what we create as McKinney Wedding Photographers. We are located on the border of McKinney and Frisco Texas but we are available for weddings and portraits anywhere in Dallas / Fort-Worth area, nationally or internationally. We LOVE elopements. 

What I truly love the most about weddings is photographing the story of the day. I love black and white photography and I think it captures the storytelling aspect of the wedding in a perfect way. Take away all of the distractions of colors and you are left with the emotion of the photograph that draws you in. 

What you will notice in my work that sets me apart are my attention to detail and my lighting. Lighting has become a lost art in wedding photography, but it is essential in taking your images to the next level. 

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dallas wedding photojournalist photographers near me black and white bride on country club golf stonebriar

Country clubs are some of my favorite places to photograph a wedding. From the finely manicured landscaping to the beautiful views and open air. This moment of the bride and her father took place right before the ceremony started. It had been raining leading up to the start time, so they waited in the limo. Then, the skies broke and we had nothing but sunshine and these amazing skies. 

Dallas country club wedding golf course bride and groom

There are so many amazing country clubs that we can photograph as your McKinney wedding photographers. The Dallas Golf Club, Bent Tree Country Club, and the Stonebriar Country Club for starters are ones you should check out.

Grace Ormonde Featured wedding in Glen Oak Country Club

This photograph was featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine and was part of the article they ran about our wedding photography as their featured photographer of the week. Nadia and Chris show us a perfect example of when preparation meets opportunity. The moment the pose breaks and something magical happens is when I am ready to capture it. I posed the two of them together on this rock wall at a local Country Club. All of a sudden the wind blew, she moved her hair back and he kissed her shoulder. Click. It was perfect.

Dallas wedding photos Wedding phtoographer in McKinney Texas

The most emotional wedding I have ever photographed. Amanda & Dru were amazing! Their emotions flowed all day and they were a photographers dream to work with. Especially a photojournalist photographer. These photos happen when you allow yourself as a couple to be fully involved in your day and really put everything else aside. Love each other and your guests. Leave your phones and lives aside and fully embrace being a part of each other’s lives. This photo was taken during the reception from across the floor as I watched and waited for these moments to happen. 

dallas bride getting ready before the wedding black and white

The “Dude of honor” helps the bride fix her hair before going to the church. I don’t know if “dude of honor” is the official name, but he was her maid of honor. This wedding was pretty unique. In Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, they had approximately 15 people at their wedding. At the reception, they sat around a table at a very nice restaurant to enjoy a 5-course meal. 

dallas wedding of sparkler exit from reception

Sparkler exits from the reception are tons of fun. Definitely a tricky photo to capture for any photographer, but being prepared is what is key. Sparkler exits work best when there isn’t a lot of other lights on in the area you have it set up, as well as getting people nice and close. Just not close enough to set the bride and groom on fire. 

bent tree country club wedding dallas texas photos

A unique approach on this fairway of the golf course at the Country Club.  I saw this line of trees that was pointing like a V and thought it would be a great way to draw your eye in towards the couple. This absolutely stunning dress was one of my favorites of that year. 

One of my most celebrated Dallas wedding photos that I have ever taken is this one right here. A benefit of having a long lens is that I can capture something like this without impacting the moment or the emotion. I was actually standing about 2 feet into the woods that surrounded the ceremony location to get this photograph. You can see this precious moment of a single tear running down her cheek as she gives her vows. As one of the premier McKinney Wedding Photographers, we will do anything to capture the perfect moment for you.

mckinney farm wedding photographer with horses

Second in beauty to country club weddings might be farm weddings. I would love to do more like this in the countryside of McKinney Texas. There are some beautiful barn wedding locations in McKinney, Fort Worth, Lucas, and surrounding areas. Check out the Rustic Grace Estate outside of Anna in Alstyne, TX, Rock Creek Ranch and RoseMary Barn both in McKinney Texas. The stars aligned in this photograph and we couldn’t have planned this if we tried. As the bride and groom were getting set in their pose, these three horses walked over to greet them and lined up perfectly.

McKinney Wedding Photographers blossom wedding photos

The flowers bloomed just in time for these Dallas wedding photos. Chris and Erin truly were an amazing couple to photograph. I loved the sleeves on Erin’s wedding dress. 

McKinney Wedding Photographers

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I have a tendency to sneak around during the getting ready photos before the wedding. I take a “fly on the wall” approach. That allows me to get creative photos like this. A crack in the doorway as the groom fixed his bow tie made for a great composition.

barn wedding rockwall texas photographer

Like I said, look how fun barn and farm weddings can be. Are you getting married on a farm near McKinney Tx? The earthy tones of the barn mixed well with his relaxed tan suit and the gold trim belt of her wedding dress.

catholic ceremony mckinney photographer church

Catholic weddings present some of the most beautiful churches steeped in tradition, architecture and stunning ceilings like you see here. This church wedding had a wrap around balcony which you can only see half of in this photo. It wraps around both sides and across the back. There are a lot of modern churches in McKinney, Frisco, and even parts of Plano. However there are some more traditional churches as well, and more as you move further away from surrounding Dallas, Texas. 

south padre island wedding photographer

That is a hard to beat view for a wedding. Overlooking the North Atlantic ocean, this Jewish and Christian wedding was absolutely stunning. The ceremony was pool side on top of a hotel on the shores of Long Island in New York (to take this photo I am inches from falling in the pool). 

father daughter dance photos photographer dallas texas

The Father daughter dance is something a young girl thinks about growing up and looks forward to as one of the most anticipated moments of the wedding. This moment between the two of them is emotional, as he grips her back tightly and shares a special moment with her.

cool groomsmen photos dallas photographer grace ormonde

Photos of the groom and groomsmen do not have to be boring for your McKinney wedding photos. This idea was inspired by the great Jerry Ghionis. Photographed in a hotel lobby and lit with a small light to highlight the groom. His groomsmen play a role in the background, being in the photo without fully being in the photo and bringing the attention to the groom. Featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine.

franklin institute wedding reception photos philadelphia

A fun reception at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia with Big Ben hanging out in the background. The bride switched to her second dress of the night, which was a fun party dress by Vera Wang. 

McKinney Wedding Photographers

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cake smash at reception philadelphia wedding photographer

Who doesn’t love a good cake smash? We don’t see many of them these days, but when they come, I am ready and love to photograph it. This is a tent wedding at the country club on the green of the golf course. 

parents of the bride kiss dallas photographer

I LOVE this moment between the parents of the bride. This took place before the ceremony as we were waiting for the bride to arrive. It’s another moment that shows how important it is to hire a photographer that can see these moments happening before they happen and have the technical ability to capture it when it does.

downtown mckinney square wedding photos

Taken in the town square, the courthouse makes for a beautiful backdrop to this lovely couple. The photo to the left of just the bride was taken in a plan looking hotel lobby hallway. However, the wallpaper was a perfect match for her antique ivory colored wedding gown. The light coming from the window worked perfectly. The square is similar to what you could do with your Dallas Wedding Photos in the town square, McKinney historic square or the lovely Sundance square in Fort Worth (one of my favorite areas)

classic car bride and groom dallas wedding photographer

Classic beauty throughout this entire wedding. From her gorgeous Vera Wang wedding gown to the black bow tie tux and this classic car for their ride to the reception. Black and white definitely suited this wedding. 

creative reception photo dallas country club photographer

A creative photo at the wedding reception at Glen Oak Country Club. This is photographed through the lighted tree decorations on their tables to capture a touching moment of the bride and groom together on the dance floor.

jewish wedding reception dallas texas photographer dance

The Horah is a Jewish celebratory dance at the wedding reception where they lift the couple above the crowd in chairs. I love the reaction of the groom of both excitement and a touch of terror. It, of course, makes for some terrific wedding photo moments. 

groom photo before wedding at country club dallas photographer

Tan and blue suits are definitely on the rise in men’s suit selections for weddings. This moment was captured of the groom before the ceremony at a backyard farm wedding. What beautiful clouds and settings for a wedding. How could I ask for more.

McKinney Wedding Photographers

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groom crying as bride walks down isle dallas photos

I love photographing emotional moments of the groom at the wedding. One of these important times is making sure to turn around to see the grooms reaction as the bride walks down the aisle. While learning about the bride and groom before the wedding, Jessica told me this would be one of her favorite moments of his reaction as she entered the back of the church.

winter wedding dallas texas photographer

A very cold winter wedding for New Year’s Eve gave us the opportunity to use the steam from their breath as a free fog machine to add a different element in the background of this black and white photo. It was also shot through a tree that had Christmas lights, which gives us the lighting effect you see here. 

groom touches brides back at reception dallas pics

It doesn’t always have to be a grand scenery or landscape for your Dallas wedding photos. Sometimes it’s the small details like a touch of a hand on her back that makes the perfect wedding photograph. This was a moment that Tamra told us about before the wedding that she loves when he does to her. I knew throughout the day that this was a moment I would want to watch out for. 

outdoor dallas wedding ceremony throwing flowers family down isle

This bride and groom had a beautiful addition to their family shortly before the wedding. So we, of course, wanted to include them. They had a great idea to walk down the aisle with both of the kids after their ceremony. The wedding ceremony was held overlooking an amazing mountainside view in the fall.

farm barn wedding rockwall tx photographer

Another awesome farm wedding, this one was hosted on a private estate. The clouds can’t be beat. This antique styled and layered dress was amazing. 

flower girl at ceremony mckinney wedding photographer

During longer catholic wedding ceremonies is a great time for me to find special little moments that are happening throughout the crowd, wedding party, and flower girls. 

bride and groom kiss outdoor wedding dallas tx photographers

A very unique ceremony arrangement for this wedding. It was an outdoor setting and they wanted a way for the crowd to feel more connected to them during the wedding. So they placed their chairs in a circular pattern and they walked through the crowd in a circle until they came to the middle for the ceremony. They also passed their rings throughout the crowd around the circle so that they would all be touched and blessed by all the people that mean so much to them. 

bride crying during wedding ceremony frisco tx

It wasn’t only the groom crying at this wedding, as you saw earlier, but also the bride. This was taken during the communion, which is always a great opportunity to get some of the first relaxed shots of the bride and groom at the ceremony. The attention is off of the two of them and they can have some really powerful and emotional moments together.

cake smash at reception philadelphia wedding photographer

The most epic wedding cake smash award goes to… This one was for the ages for sure. There was no holding back.

McKinney Wedding Photographers

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jimmy choo wedding shoes dallas texas detail photos

Every bride to be knows the elegance of Jimmy Choo shoes. This simple, yet artistic photograph shoes off the classic and timeless beauty of the bride’s shoes. I love the light and shadows that black and white brings out in the photograph.

glen oak country club wedding photographer clarks summit grace ormonde

Another photo that was featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style magazine. This is at a golf country club where they had beautiful paths of tall thin trees. 

bride getting ready photos frisco wedding photographer

Playing with mirrors is a fun way to get a different perspective for your Dallas wedding photos. Taken while the bride was finishing up her makeup at the salon, there was this soft moment of reflection and thought as she was preparing to walk down the aisle. 

jimmy choo wedding shoes high ankle photos dallas

Probably my favorite pair of Jimmy Choo‘s that we have photographed over the years. There was just something about these ankle wrapping shoes of the bride, that was just like a work of art. 

fall leaves wedding rockwall texas photographer

A stunning, one of a kind, designed wedding dress for this beautiful bride Stephanie. Photographed during the changing of leaves in the fall, it’s a perfect background for this wedding. To find beautiful fall colors, check out a destination to Texas Hill Country close to Austin.

bride and groom black and white photos rockwall tx

Sometimes all you need is a wall on the street, terrific lighting, and emotional connection to each other to make an awesome photograph. As I said before, I am a big fan of sleeved wedding dresses, so I loved this one as well. 

wedding photos in balcony of opera house dallas photographer

Taken at the Cultural Center, I had an idea to feature this couple in the balcony of this iconic performance center. Using a flash to highlight them in the balcony we got this awesome photo.

father of the bride with 57 chevy wedding portrait mckinney

The father of the bride restored this 57 Chevy for their farm wedding. I had to, of course, take a moment to do a portrait of this stylish man with his pride and joy.

flower girl touching moment at wedding ceremony frisco tx photographer

I love capturing these moments, often of kids, during the ceremony. They become some of the most cherished photos from the wedding. This precious flower girl was tired from all the excitement of the day and finding comfort in her mom’s arms. 

huntsville golf club wedding photos of groom

We always take time to take cool photos of the groom and his best men. This photo was taken against a large window in the hotel, acting as a white backdrop. 

McKinney Wedding Photographers

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first dance at country club wedding photographer jeff dietz

This was during the last dance of the night between the bride and groom. Something to think about for your wedding coverage is the schedule for when your photographer will be there. Do you want them to start later in the day, capture only the beginning of the reception or stay longer at the reception? I always suggest people think about the crowd that they are inviting and if the energy and dancing will be happening all night or not. 

wedding reception dancing bride groom arlington wedding photographer

Party like there is no one watching. I love when the groom is out on the floor dancing with his new wife the whole night. Having fun, dancing, connecting and celebrating with all of their friends. 

bride and groom laughing during wedding ceremony photos frisco tx

As I spoke about earlier, this is another example of what I like to do during the communion. We get some of the best reactions when the couple finally relaxes a bit and can have a laugh together. These photos become great memories for the couple to have in their wedding album because they can remember the conversation and jokes they were talking about at the time. 

groom in blue suit before wedding highland park photographer

Love the recent blue suit trend for the guys. It really looks sharp and can be used beyond the wedding as well. 

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