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The Experience for Brides of North Texas

Learn more about what we offer from our first meeting to your delivered artwork

It All Starts With You
When you said yes to the proposal your life together the new stage of your love story begain. Let's stop and celebrate this moment together
The Forever Session
We will help you design an Engagement session that is about your connection to each other. Is it high fashion? Playful and cozy? That's up to you.
The Bridal Portrait
A fashion inspired experience to highlight that beautiful gown, veil, and other beautiful details. Typically these are photographed in studio and finished with amazing artwork that can be displayed at your reception and in your home.
Photo Premiere & Ordering
One of the most exciting parts of the Experience is coming in shortly after your photo shoot to see your photos for the first time. Now offered at our studio, or in the comfort of your own home. We will help you hand select your favorites and design artwork that you will love for generations!
Wedding Coverage
Our documentary style wedding coverage is the perfect compliment to all of the other photo shoots that we have done for you. Have a member of our team expertly photograph your big day, or the premium option to have Jeff come out for part or all of your wedding day needs.

All Sessions Start the Same - With You! The Brides of North Texas

Every session starts with the same process. Whether it’s for your Dallas Bridal Portraits, Engagement or wedding, the place we start is with learning more about you as a couple! It’s your story that we want to tell.

It’s clear that I have a photographic style for my portraits, but without knowing what you love about each other and about your relationship, none of that matters. It also helps you learn more about each other and grow even closer as a couple. 

This starts from the first time we talk. Unlike a lot of studios who want to just pass emails back and forth, we want to actually have a true conversation with you. After filling out our contact form, we will give you a phone call to start learning about the two of you. 

From there, we would love for you to come in for a free in-person consultation. Here you can see a lot of the artwork and albums that we offer, and we can start the process of custom designing your photoshoot. 

We are here for all brides of north Texas.

Dallas Engagement photos with photojournalist candid pictures
The emotion in our Engagement photos is what people remember the most. The connection and the love

Unique Options

Also offered are these unique options to give you an even higher level of service

The Forever Session (Engagement Photos)

A Mad Men inspired engagement session in one of the couples favorite bars.

The Forever Session takes the engagement photoshoot to the next level. Your engagement photos are your first statement to the world that says, “We are engaged”. It’s a moment worth celebrating all on its own, and before the stress of planning your wedding day takes over. 

We often say the engagement photography is the one part about the wedding that is purely about the two of you. 

In our gallery of engagement photos, you can see a variety of different styles that we have photographed. From cute and fun in a park to fashion magazine inspired editorial portraits at a location of your choice.

We also have our new Vanity Fair inspired indoor studio portraits. 

The important part is for us to have a conversation to learn more about the two of you as a couple and discover things that would make a unique photo experience with a lot of personal meaning to you.

Let’s talk about what would be the best for your style.

The Bridal Portrait

A new take on a classic wedding photo shoot is the Fashion Bridal Portrait. Brides of North Texas who want to have an experience all for themselves can take part in these new photoshoots. 

Back as old as time, brides would take time out before the wedding to go to a portrait studio and have their official portrait taken. We probably remember how cheesy some of these were of our parents and grandparents, but also how beautiful and timeless they were. 

We wanted to bring that back with a modern twist that would feel like you were in one of the top celebrity wedding magazines like Grace Ormonde Wedding Style, Brides, or even like you were getting married in the royal wedding. 

The bridal portraits are typically done inside our studio so that your dress stays nice and fresh for the day of the wedding. It’s also a great opportunity to try out another beautiful hairstyle or makeup and to use that stunning veil. 

Black and White is a timeless way to photography your bridal portraits that stays classic forever.

Bridal & Couples Boudoir

dallas engagement photographer in new york city with yellow cabs
Jeff Dietz

Another pre-wedding item to check off your list is a boudoir photo shoot. Yes, we do offer this for either the bride or as a couples photo shoot. 

How sexy or intimate your photo shoot is, is completely up to you. These photos are kept private and make great artwork for your husband to be and to cherish as a couple. 

A couples boudoir is a newer idea where you can enjoy this experience together. 

Our style for boudoir shoots is typically in a fashion studio setting as opposed to the bedroom that most people do. However, that is available as well as destination photos. 

You can even make it into a girls day with your bridesmaids. Just imagine taking a girls trip to an island paradise or maybe somewhere like Italy or Paris to have a stunning destination photo shoot with you and your best lady friends.

Please ask us to see more of our boudoir gallery. Due to the nature of the photos, we do not have a gallery included on our website.

Wedding Day Coverage

It’s finally time for the big day. The day that you have thought of growing up and your parents have envisioned with you.

Our wedding day coverage consists of mostly photojournalistic storytelling with a mix of portrait work throughout the day. Our goal at the wedding is to make stunning photographs that touch your heart, that you didn’t even know we were taking. 

We believe that the wedding should feel like your wedding and not a production with a lot of cameras flying around. For that reason, most of our weddings that you see are done with just one photographer. 

We will sit and help you plan out the timeline of the day from getting ready in the morning until the end of the reception. What all we photograph is completely up to you and the parts of the day that matter the most to you. 

The best way to learn more about our wedding day coverage is to stop by and look through our wedding albums and see our artwork displays. 

Jeff Dietz Photography will travel anywhere in the world for your Engagement Photos. Pictured here with the famous yellow cabs of NYC on Broadway and Times Square

Photo Premiere & Design Consultation

Custom designed Wedding albums from Italy, includes designer box.

One of the best parts of your experience with us is coming in to see your photographs for the first time. Brides of North Dallas will be presented with a photo premiere at our studio or in your own home. 

A separate premiere is included for each of the various types of photo shoots that you read about above. 

At the premiere and design consultation, we will show you your pre-designed album and artwork. We will help you hand select your favorites that you would love to have in beautiful artwork. 

Everyone that is a decision maker in the order is welcome to come and see it first hand. A comfy couch, projection screen, snacks, and a lot of fun await you.

We even include a service to come out to your home and help you identify places where artwork would look great. 

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