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Portfolio of Dallas Bridal Portraits in Studio or On Location

With the Dallas Bridal Portrait we are bringing back the long held tradition of having a photo shoot before your wedding that focuses on having an amazing experience with that wedding gown that you have dreamed about since you were little. You have thought about what it would be like throughout your life, spent countless hours trying on dresses with your maid of honor and friends, and finally found that perfect dress. 

This is an excellent way to celebrate with a fashion inspired modern bridal photo shoot that is all about you. See some of our portraits below and read more about all the various ways we can create something amazing for you. 

dallas bridal portrait in studio with black and white photos

Classic and timeless black and white photos are a perfect pairing for details during the Dallas Bridal Portraits. As you can see here we are focusing on a shot that details the veil. Often the veil will hold a lot of significance to the bride as it can be handed down through generations. 

galveston bridal portrait in the ocean and beach vera wang

Want to be a bit more daring? Of course you do! Bridal shoots can also take place after the wedding. It could be the day after your wedding or even years later. The photograph above was photographed in the ocean on South Beach in Miami Florida. We had photographed her wedding in Philadelphia and decided that it was too cold to do the bridal portraits there. So we hopped on a plane and went to Miami where they had an apartment. Yes, that is a Vera Wang gown, in the ocean. You aren’t going to pull that dress out of the closet again maybe ever, so you might as well have more fun with it and have artwork that will be on display for ever. 

dallas wedding gown designer photo shoot canals
dallas wedding gown designer portraits canals

We had the pleasure to work with a local Dallas Wedding gown designer Dat Nguyen Designs for their winter collection. These photos were taken at the Canals at Las Colinas which made for a perfect European feel for the gowns. If you are having a hard time finding the gowns that you love, we have resources that can help you. Dat can also hand design a custom gown for you as well as they make their gowns available for rent for a fun photo shoot like this. 

dallas wedding photographers bridal photos in studio black and white

This series of Dallas Bridal Portraits were actually photographed at their reception on the wedding day. The couple discussed how they weren’t really interested in doing the typical portraits where you go outside on location and wanted to do something new and different. I proposed skipping that as well some of the typical dance floor photos and instead we build a pop up fashion studio outside of their reception ballroom. We photographed the bride and groom, all of her wedding party, and family and friends in this style. It turned out perfect and was just what they were looking for. 

Fort Worth bridal portraits fashion inspired photos

We are blessed to be able to photograph brides all around the country. This one is photographed lake side in Kennebunkport Maine. The look of the old barns could also work well in farm areas of McKinney, Fort Worth or lakes like Lake Dallas, Grapevine Lake and Lake Travis. 

Frisco Bridal portraits near me blue sky and rocks

Some times we make things out of seemingly nothing and turning them look like epic locations. The key is knowing how to control light. Would you know that this photograph was taken in the parking lot of a Hobby Lobby? Well it was. Changing the camera angle and using beautiful lighting on our bride, I was able to create this awesome photograph.

southlake bridal photos by the lake in wedding gown in a boat house

We are always looking for new and interesting ideas for where we can take the photos. Often that comes from a personal connection that the bride or groom has or a passion they enjoy. The photo to the top right is taken in a local park where the couple enjoys taking walks together. The top left photo is taken inside of a crab shack near the lake in Maine.

dallas designer wedding gown photos at canals las colinas

This is another photo in the shoot we did with the local Dallas wedding gown designer. I love the lace in these dresses. This dress would work well as a reception dress or a gown specifically for your bridal portraits. Photographed at the Mandalay Canal Walk at Las Colinas .

dallas wedding dress with flowing cap bottom and lace

When you are thinking about your dress for your Dallas Bridal Portraits, think outside the box and don’t be afraid to be epic. This dress is definitely epic. I love the way that the dress flowed as you walk with the detachable cape like nature of the layers of fabric at the bottom. With a dress like this, getting a lower angle and giving the dress a toss made this dress come alive. 

Lake Dallas wedding gown photos misty lake dock dallas

We got up extra early for this stunning shot by the lake during the misty morning. I knew the night before it had rained and they were calling for warmer weather the next day, I knew it would make for the perfect time to get some awesome fog. The key is you have to be willing to get out there before the sun even rises so as soon as it does you will get this amazing lighting conditions. 

designer wedding gown near me in dallas texas black and white photos
creative wedding photos in dallas texas for bridal portraits

Elegance and class. These two photos say it all for me. Simple yet amazing and timeless. Beautiful lighting and the just the right expression. We also have plenty of Dallas florists that we can connect you with if you would like to add that into your session. 

best wedding photographer in dallas texas

A fun group photo from all of the girls that took part in our Dallas Designer Gown photo shoot that we did in Las Colinas. You can imagine a photo like this with your bridesmaids or maybe you even want to get together with some other friend who are also getting married. I love the European charm of the Mandalay Walk. It reminds me of my time in Venice, Italy.

black bride beaded dress in dallas texas
dallas wedding gown beaded collar tight fit

Stunning beaded wedding dress with the lovely collar and bracelet that send this look tot he next level. This is a vintage wedding gown that she found specific for her bridal session. 

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